Legal Notice of Data Usage

In order to provide the AUSPEX web service and prevent abuse or data theft, we collect connection data and use persistent cookies.

By agreeing to our terms of service you permit us to:

  1. Set a encrypted persistent cookie to identify your session.
  2. Save IP address, browser info and other meta-data to prevent abuse.
  3. Validate and use AUSPEX on uploaded MTZ files as well as save job-associated data.

Your data will be treated confidential and will not be shared with third party websites or services unless required by law.

Job associated data and MTZ files will be discarded after one week. Sessions expire after 30 days.

Please Cite

Thorn, A., Parkhurst, J.M., Emsley, P., Nicholls, R., Evans, G., Vollmar, M. & Murshudov, G.N. (2017)
AUSPEX: a graphical tool for X-ray diffraction data analysis, Acta Cryst D73, 729-737.
This helps us to develop AUSPEX as a free service.